Iraq’s top court has rejected a draft law preventing Prime Minister Nouri al - from seeking a third term in office after 2014 national elections.
In a brief statement posted on its website on Tuesday, the Supreme Federal Court said it had ruled unconstitutional a controversial draft law that limits the premier, president and the parliament speaker to two terms in office. Maliki’s opponents accuse the court of overturning the bill under political pressure. The measure was passed by the parliament in January and caused controversy, with the premier's allies labeling the bill as illegal and vowing to appeal it. Maliki first became prime minister in 2006 and secured a second term in office after the 2010 national elections. His political rivals accuse him of consolidating power and marginalizing rivals. However, his supporters praise him as a unifier who has salvaged the war-torn country, saying the Iraqi electorate should decide whether to keep Maliki as prime minister.