There has been an " alarming " 78 percent increase in the number of food bank inquiries in Britain over the last six months, a charity says.
According to figures released by Citizens Advice, more Britons are asking for emergency food aid as poverty rises throughout the country. The charity also warned that people in employment are seeking assistance with obtaining food for the first time. Citizens Advice Chief executive Gillian Guy said the data showed that millions of British families were struggling with financial problems. "The combined impact of welfare upheaval, cuts to public spending, low wages and the high cost of living are putting unbearable pressure on many households, forcing them to seek emergency help putting food on the table," Guy added. The charity also identified the West Midlands as the worst affected area, with a 142 percent rise in food bank inquiries since February. Earlier in April, the Trussell Trust, the largest food bank provider in the UK, said over 350,000 hungry Britons have turned to food banks last year, almost triple the number who has received food aid in 2011, due to the government's welfare reforms