As news continues to come in from Egypt about the ongoing violence and unrest, many people in the United States have become very angered and upset.
On Friday, a crowd of several thousand gathered in New York City to protest against the actions of the military and demand that Morsi be restored as the elected President of Egypt. Thousands of miles away from Egypt, in New York City, many are outraged by the continuing events. The rally, held near Egyptian mission to the United Nations, demanded the Barack Obama cut off the funds to the Egyptian military until the atrocities cease. Many who attended the rally were Egyptian Americans. Asmaa Hussien, a young Egyptian American woman living in New York came because she supports the deposed President Morsi. Some of the participants were not Egyptian. Raja Abdulhaq, a Palestinian, said he felt the events that continue in Egypt have implications for all Arab people. Mike Gimbel, a retired labor activist does not support Morsi, but said that he still must stand and oppose the ongoing massacres, and the attempts to create division among the Egyptian people. Gamal Avivi, an Egyptian citizen living in New York said that that he rejects the attempts to divide the country, and that the country needs to unite behind its elected leader. The protest lasted for several hours, and included many speakers. In addition to many Islamic organizations, the International Action Center and other anti-imperialist groups also joined the rally. More rallies demanding that the U.S. stop funding the Egyptian military are planned as the violence continues.