Egypt prosecutors have ordered the extension of the ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi’s detention for 30 days.

Morsi, currently in army custody is said to have broken out of the Wadi El - Natroun Prison in Cairo and destroyed records during the 2011 uprising which overthrew formed Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak.

By the time Morsi was considered as a popular opposition figure who was raised to presidency after Mubarak was ousted.

Morsi is also charged with attacking police stations, abduction of officers and prisoners during the turmoil and espionage.

Detention time was also extended for Saad El - Katatni, the Freedom and Justice Party leader for 15 days.

Renewal of Morsi’s detention comes as riot and unrest have resumed in the capital city of Cairo and a several other cities including Alexandria.

A sit - in protest by Morsi loyalists in Cairo over the past weeks left hundreds killed and injured after police clashed with protesters who refused to go homes after security alert.

In Cairo, police fired tear gas and live bullets to disperse protesters who reiterate on the former president’s return to power.

The death toll from violence jumped to 525 on Thursday, according to health ministry figures.