A teenage girl has been assaulted near Paris for wearing an Islamic veil, the latest in a wave of violent attacks against the Muslim community in France.
The incident occurred on Monday afternoon when two “European-looking” men confronted the 16-year-old who was leaving a friend’s house in the Paris suburb of Trappes. The men shouted racists and anti-Muslim insults at her before attacking her with a box cutter, said the victim. They then tore off her veil, pushed her to the ground and hit her. The assailants fled the scene in a car after a third man intervened. The teen was taken to hospital where medical staff treated her for light wounds on her face and throat. French Interior Minister Manuel Valls on Tuesday condemned the attack, expressing “indignation" at the move. “I severely condemn this newest demonstration of anti-Muslim hatred and intolerance,” Valls told French television BFMTV, saying the police had started an operation to track down the perpetrators. The attack is not the first acts of Islamophobia in France, where assaults against Muslims have hiked by 60 percent in recent months. On Tuesday, a man was arrested for writing Islamophobic tags across several buildings in the southern city of Avignon. A French military serviceman was also detained on August 11 on charges of planning an attack on a mosque. Several Muslim women in the Paris suburb of Argenteuil were assaulted in June by racist elements who tore off their veils. One of the victims suffered miscarriage as a result of the attack.