An Australian election candidate who was widely mocked after mistaking Islam for a country in a TV interview, withdrew her candidacy.
Stephanie Banister, 27, was contesting a seat in Queensland for the anti - immigration One Nation Party. She had only been in politics for 48 hours.

Banister also confused the term " haram "(forbidden) with the holy Koran and suggested Jews worshipped Jesus Christ.

The interview, which aired early this week, went viral on social media.

' ' I don ' t oppose Islam as a country, umm, but I do feel that their laws should not be welcome here in Australia, ' ' Banister told Seven News reporter Erin Edwards.

She announced her withdrawal from the election on Saturday.

" With the way Channel Seven edited my interview, I was left quite the fool, " Banister said in a brief statement.

" I ' d like to apologize to One Nation, to my friends and family, for any embarrassment this has brought to them. "

One newspaper headline said Banister had managed to put Islam literally on the map.

The leader of One Nation, Jim Savage, said Banister continued to have the " full support " of the party executive.

He said she had been under " enormous pressure ", including threats to her and her family.

Commentators compared Banister to Sarah Palin, the gaffe - prone Republican vice - presidential candidate in the 2008 US election.

Even before this interview, Banister was regarded as a rank outsider to win her seat in Sydney.

The mother - of - two rose to prominence when she was arrested for going into a supermarket and putting stickers saying " halal food funds terrorism " on Nestle products.

She is facing charges of " contaminating or interfering with goods ". If convicted before polling day, she would have been barred from standing.