Extremist Salafi Sheikhs accompanied by 400 villagers surrounded the house of Hassan Shehata's brother, the slaughtered Shia preacher, and threatened him and his family with a similar massacre before beginning of Friday Prayer. Ismail Shehata said to the reporters that: "It is for day that I afraid can to come out from my house, they threatened me several times before the killing of my brother and also in recent days". Prominent Shiite cleric, Hassan Shehata was brutally martyred in last June by Salafi villagers in Giza. But police forces and Sharqiya residents successfully ended a siege imposed by a number of Salafis on the house of Ismail Shehata in Harbit Village. The Salafis called for expelling the Shi'ite family and threatened to kill them like Hassan Shehata but a group of residents managed to end the siege and agreed on a traditional reconciliation meeting between the two parties to resolve this issue.