The disproportionate use of teargas by the security forces in Bahrain had caused many deaths amongst civilians. Ali Jaffar Habib Ibrahim, a ten year old who lives in the village of Malkiya, has lost his life due to the Bahraini regime’s excessive use of teargas in residential areas as a collective punishment for holding protests for democratic transition. Ali began to experience complications in his eye in October 2012 when his village was attacked with teargas. His grandfather, Habib Ibrahim, who lived in with him, died due to chest infection. Ali seeked medical treatment inside Bahrain and abroad after the family learned in December 2012, that he was suffering from eye cancer. According to family members, in November 2012, Ali began suffering due to the constant itching in his eye the teargas had caused. Over two years, the regime’s use of toxic and suffocating teargas has taken the lives of tens of innocent people of different ages. This also resulted in many cases of miscarriage amongst pregnant women. On 27th December 2012, Ali seeked treatment in India, his long journey of medical treatment ended when he died of the eye cancer complications in his last trip to India on 8th August 2013. Ali’s father, Jaffar Habib, blames the Security Authorities for the use of excessive teargas and that resulted in the death of both his son and his father. The victim’s family demanded the Authorities to investigate the ingredients and sideffects of the teargas canisters. However, the family refused to receive the body of their son before autopsy to investigate the cause of the death. Forensic medics have taken samples for anatomy. The funeral march of the child took place Saturday evening (10th August 2013) from Karzakan heading to Malkiya graveyard.