By Prof. Rodney Shakespeare
The Saudis are bankrupt. Not financially, of course, but morally and politically.
The strange thing is that they are pals with the USA, which is also morally and politically bankrupt(although the USA is probably financially bankrupt as well). Birds of a feather flock together - Which is not quite true because there is a difference between the USA and Saudi Arabia. The Americans can at least talk about freedom and democracy(while supporting autocracies, conducting wars and making daily assassinations) but the Saudis can talk about - nothing. This is because no vision, no principle, no idea underlies, or has ever under - laid, Saudi Arabia which is based upon the whip, the sword and the gun in support of a bunch of quarter - cultivated, preening, vicious totalitarians. So the Saudis do the one thing which rich people with no morals always do - they offer money to get others to do what they want. The present example is Russia, which is reported to have been offered fifteen billion dollars(in the form of a purchase of Russian arms) plus a Saudi pledge not to challenge Russian gas sales to Europe. In exchange, the Russians are to stop supporting the regime of President Assad in Syria and are not to oppose any future USA - sponsored resolutions on Syria in the Security Council of the United Nations. These resolutions, it can be safely presumed, would immediately allow the USA and its cronies to launch a nasty military attack. The offer was apparently made during the 31st July meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan. Bandar is a solid supporter of the USA and Zionism. He made it clear that, with the fall of the Assad regime, Syria will be “completely” in Saudi hands. The meaning of “completely” is simple. For those who do not watch TV, nor listen to radio, outlets of truth, a Saudi Syria would be full of head - choppers which, if you think about it, is not much different from Saudi Arabia itself where, particularly if you are a woman, you are only too likely to get your head chopped off. Furthermore the Saudis are bragging that they essentially control the Salafists, Jabhat al Nusra and the Takfiris so that an opposition victory in Syria will be a Saudi prince’s wet dream. Of course there are some problems with this. For a start it is reported that the Russians are refusing to have anything to do with the Saudi offer. After all, Syria, Hezbollah and Iran are, in reality, the first defence for Russia’s soft underbelly and no sane Russian has forgotten the attack on South Ossetia in 2008, which was started by NATO and the Israelis and caught the Russians unawares. But the reported Russian refusal will not stop the Saudis who have intervened in Yemen, are occupying Bahrain, and have pushed out the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. They are doing all this, and more, because, like the USA, they are morally and politically bankrupt and are interfering and attacking abroad in every way they can in the endeavour to hide some nasty truths. It’s a restive population at home(in the case of Saudi Arabia) and a collapsing economy and the hatred of the world(in the case of the USA). Unfortunately for the USA, the policy is not working. The State Department seems to be peculiarly slow - witted but the CIA is better informed. CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell, in an interview with theWall Street Journal, has warned that supporting the Salafists, Jabhat al Nusra and Takfiris to overthrow the Syrian regime is a risk to USA national security. Really? Overthrowing the Syrian regime a threat to national security? This is most interesting because a USA crony (Saudi Arabia) is doing everything it can to overthrow the Syrian regime and now the CIA is saying that the overthrow puts USA national security at stake. Mmmm… How can that be? Morell says that a Syrian regime overthrow will mean that Syria will become a haven for all kinds of terrorists. (By ‘terrorists’ he means the Salafists, Jabhar al Nusra and Takfiris that his government is financing and arming). These terrorists will then get the Syrian chemical weapons and - Wait for it! Wait for it! - will attack Israel! But Israel is also helping the Salafists, Jabhat al Nusra and Takfiris, who not only want to attack Israel but dream of overthrowing the regime in Saudi Arabia! And if all this sounds like states shooting themselves in the foot, it is and that is what happens when, like the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia, states have become morally and politically bankrupt. Of course as these states shoot themselves in the foot there is a great risk that the bullets will catch others. But the world is turning; tectonic shifts are taking place; and those states which have lost all moral authority, or never had any in the first place, will find themselves suddenly becoming pariahs.