Bahrain Opposition movement reiterated its commitment to a peaceful protest against the regime, strongly rejecting accusations and allegations made by the government that it is fomenting unrest.
The Opposition stressed that ever since 2011 it aim had been to protest peacefully and in accordance with the law. It condemned the state crackdown on protesters and politicians of the opposition, stressing that such methods are clearly human rights violations. " The people of Bahrain are peace - loving people, " said the Opposition in comment to the press. Pushing on the Opposition was keen to underscore the fact that after two years of abuse and violence, pro - democracy activists had remained faithful to their peaceful ways, determined not to stoop to the government level by spreading fear and unrest. Bahrain regime has recently set up a new sets of laws which in essence legalize political repression by forbidding citizens from gathering up and expressing their political, social or religious opinion. While the move was called by the Prime Minister a measure against terror, members of the Opposition have labeled the regime a dictatorship. Despite numerous calls for reform, the government has so far paid no heed to its people ' s calls, choosing instead to radicalize its position by oppressing ever more.