Eid is the Arabic word for festivity. There are two important Eids in the Islamic calendar. Eid - al - Fitr is at the end of Ramadan. It falls on the first day of Shawwal(tenth month of the Islamic Calendar), after the completion of the month long fast of Ramadan. It is a time of prayer, feasting, gift - giving and charity. Children are very important in the Muslim world and there are lots of activities for them to take part in. Just as there are different Muslim communities all over the world, there are different ways of celebrating Eid for children. However, fasting and offering prayers is a common feature of Eid celebrations across the globe. The arrangements and preparations for celebrating the festival start long before its arrival. People wear new clothes on the day. They also decorate their houses in fancy style. Friends and relatives visit each other for giving Eid greetings and wishes. In all the Muslim countries, markets are decorated and people go on a shopping spree, to enjoy this festival. Children are given money, gifts, clothes, sweets, and perks on this occasion. Daughters and sisters also receive gifts. We try very hard to build a love of these days in our children’s hearts, we didn’t celebrate anything as a kid, so we want our children to have positive experiences on their Eids inshaallah, heres what we can do to make it fun… Every child wakes to find a tissue paper package of sweets on their bed, and balloons all over the floor of their room, their eid clothes laid out. We can make cinnamon buns or snicker doodles and hot chocolate for breakfast(or anything else yummy!) We can give them gifts such as toys / games / books and try to keep an Islamic theme. After the Eid salah it’s a good idea to go visiting and then either go out to eat(which is a treat) or come home for a nice meal, some Eid days we can go on a trip or to the cinema to make the day special. Festivals are associated with splendid decorations, great passion and colorful illuminations. Eid ul Fitr is no exception to this rule. Decorating our house is so much fun that you can’t fancy. You can fulfill your surroundings with a new, flashy look and give a warm welcome to visitors, friends and relatives. It’s nice to be done with the help of the kids and you can use their ideas and taste. Usually floral bouquets, huge in size, are made and hung at the entrance of the homes, as a greeting symbol. Children also prepare Eid crafts, like cards, crescent moon, paper flowers, hangings, gift bags and other creative items, to celebrate the occasion in their own special way. Inside the home, decorations can include flowers, wall hangings and crafts made at home. Some more artistic souls opt for more realistic options. Like they cut cardboard in different shapes and sizes to make a figure resembling crescent moon and stars which are used as wall hangings inside the house. Embroidery is used to enhance the beauty of the prayer rug.. Right from the floral arrangements to the crescent moon, there is no decoration that you cannot find in the market these days. Everything is available in the market to make your home look the best on Eid.

Other fun ways to create excitement for kids on Eid

Prepare Cookies: Bake cookies with your kids using a sugar cookie recipe. Use either a crescent cookie cutter or make a crescent shape by rolling the dough into small circles and cut each circle in half using only half of a circle cookie cutter. Decorate the cookies with frosting and sprinkles, then package in boxes with fancy ribbon. These make great gifts for friends, family, teachers, and neighbors.(also try decorating cakes and cupcakes)