Clashes between Nigeria ' s military and opposition group of Boko Haram in two northeastern towns have left at least 35 people dead, most of them insurgents, the army said on Monday.

A clash in the town of Bama sparked by an attack on a police base " led to the death of one policeman and 17 Boko Haram terrorists, " a military statement said.

Fighting in the town of Malam Fatori after an attack on troops " led to the death of two soldiers and 15 Boko Haram terrorists, " it said. Both incidents occurred on Sunday.

According to the military, the insurgents were armed with " sophisticated weapons " and explosives during the attacks.

Both Bama and Malam Fatori are located in Nigeria ' s Borno state, Boko Haram ' s home base.

Borno, badly hit by insurgent attacks as well as heavy - handed military raids, is one of three states currently under a state of emergency while security forces pursue an offensive aimed at ending Boko Haram ' s four - year insurgency.