Iranian security forces have arrested a man on charges of spying for the Israeli regime in Kerman city, southwestern Iran.

Kerman court prosecutor, Dadkhoda Salari said the arrested Iranian man allegedly doing business in the southwestern Asian country of Thailand was detained for passing on information to Israel.

“In his final trip to Thailand under the cover of a tourist, he submitted information to an Israeli officer in the Zionist regime’s embassy in Bangkok, ” the prosecutor said.

The unknown man charged with spying gathered some information about mining and economic activities of Kerman Province in his second effort but was nabbed by Iran security forces before passing the second batch of information to his liaison officer.

Salari warned citizens who take trip to abroad not to “fall into the trap” of hostile espionage systems.

The arrested man was in the early stages of passing information but it was clear that his efforts to assist the enemy were voluntarily and deliberate, Salari said.

The man was arrested a week after Israeli security forces claimed that they arrested an ultra - Orthodox man who tried to spy for Iran, however, Israeli officials never elaborated his charges or the type of the information he allegedly planned to pass on to Iran.