A top commander of foreign - backed militants in Syria has been shot dead in clashes in Latakia port city neighborhood.

According to a news channel, the outlawed Liwa al - Tawhid terrorist group’s leader Ghahtan Haj Mohamed was killed in conflict in Latakia on Monday.

Liwa al - Tawhid Brigade is a unit of the so - called Free Syrian Army(FSA) and was formed in order to coordinate the battle for Aleppo.

It is composed of three subunits: the Fursan al - Jabal Brigade, the Daret Izza Brigade and the Ahrar al - Shamal Brigade.

In another development, Syrian government forces killed a group of armed foreign - backed militants who planned to infiltrate into Al - Qosour district in Homs, Western Syria.

The army forces also killed armed militants in Jor el - shebahin in Homs and killed a group of terrorists who planned to break into al - Ashrafiyah district.

Fierce clashes are also continuing between Syrian army soldiers and armed militant groups around Aleppo central prison while terrorist groups plan to capture the prison.