The US says it can have a " willing partnership " with Iran, after President Hassan Rohani was inaugurated in Tehran.

The US which has been leading a massive anti - Iran propaganda over its civilian nuclear program and has sponsored several sanctions targeting economy of the country, claimed that it was ready for cooperation.

The White House said Iran now had a chance to help solve the West’s standoff on its nuclear program.

Rohani used his inauguration speech to call on the West to start talking with Iran with a language of respect instead of “language of sanctions”.

He promised a government of wisdom and hope for all Iranians and improved ties with international community.

" In international interactions, my government will try to build mutual trust between Iran and the regional and global countries, " he told parliament.

" Transparency is the key to open a new chapter in mutual trust. And the transparency we are talking about cannot be a one - way transparency, and without practical measures in our bilateral and multilateral relations. "

The 64 - year - old former nuclear negotiator added that no country could preserve peace by waging war, and said Iran would not cause conflict with any other nation.

Iran has consistently said its program is aimed only at providing power and has no military objective.