Israeli Authorities intend to evict 1,300 residents from their homes in the South Hebron Hills stating that they reside in a military training zone and it will remain dangerous for them to live there.
The Israeli Attorney General submitted a memorandum to the Israeli Supreme Court stating that evicting all residents from the firing zone will save the Israeli forces both time and money. The areas to be evicted include Msaffr Yatta and Mneizel which are situated in an area which Israel call the 918 firing zone. A member of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements. explained to Press TV that the residents of these villages have been under constant threats from the Israeli forces; both with the threat of demolitions to threats of eviction. Monjed Jadou from Palestine News Network says that Israel have proved that by sending these eviction orders they are not serious about the peace process, as evicting the Palestinians from their land is a clear violation of international law. An Israeli court issued the decision to evacuate four out of 10 the Palestinian villages in the South Hebron Hills, which was supported at the time by the Defense Minister Ehud Barak. Palestinians then filed two petitions against the Israeli army in January 2013 to stop the planned evacuation of the villages and to cancel the military order to close off the entire area as a military training zone. The residents here are consistently targeted by the Israeli army, whom they say are attempting to unsettle their lives to a point where they move away, as part of Tel Avivs policy of ethnic cleansing.