Families of Jordanian citizens currently being held in Saudi Arabia have staged a rally in front of the Saudi Embassy in the capital, Amman, to demand the immediate release of their beloved ones.
On Thursday, the protesters chanted slogans against the Al Saud regime, and carried pictures of their imprisoned relatives. They also condemned what they described as the “apathy” of the Jordanian Foreign Ministry concerning the case of the Jordanians being kept in Saudi prisons. Head of the National Committee for Jordanian Detainees Abdul Karim Sheraideh stated that Jordanians detained in Saudi Arabia are suffering from harsh detention conditions. He added that the 24 Jordanians being held at Anbar - 2 prison in Saudi Arabia’s northwestern province of Tabuk have not been charged and have not stood trial. Sheraideh further noted that some of the detainees have been even held captive for nearly a year and half.
" Some of the detainees were imprisoned based on uncorroborated accounts, " he said, adding that some of the prisoners were detained over false allegations made by others.
Jordanians imprisoned in Saudi Arabia have pinned their hopes on the prisoners' exchange agreement between Amman and Riyadh for their release. However, there are reports that the agreement may only cover prisoners who have been convicted, which applies to only 4 of the 24 Jordanians detained in Saudi Arabia.