Iran - China 70:51 Iran earned the third consecutive win at the Asian Championship. They shot down China to stay on top of Group C. China in the meantime slipped at 1-2 record. Hamed Haddadi (218-C-85) stepped up with 15 points and 7 rebounds to lead the winners. China had to deal with the absence of Yi Jianlian. They did not handle the absence of their leader too well facing a 10-point deficit after ten minutes of action 16:26. Iran boosted the gap in the second quarter. They established a 41:24 halftime lead. China struggled to get within striking distance throughout the third term. Iran stayed dominant and posted a 54:41 advantage at the final break. They did not look back in the fourth frame cruising to the victory. Oshin Sahakian (200-F-86) notched 13 points and 7 rebounds, while Hamed Afagh (193-SG-83) added 12 points for the winners. Wang ShiPeng (198-SG-83) answered with 11 points for China. Wang ZhiZhi (215-C-77) chipped in 9 points in the loss.   Iran: Hamed Haddadi 15, Oshin Sahakian 13, Hamed Afagh 12 China: Wang ShiPeng 11, Wang ZhiZhi 9