Tens of thousands of Palestinians left their homes from all over the West Bank and headed towards Jerusalem al - Quds in order to pray in al - Aqsa Mosque on the last Friday of Ramadan, marking the International Quds Day.
Israeli forces stationed at checkpoints surrounding Jerusalem al - Quds let a number of Palestinians through, but the majority of Palestinians are sent back. The worshippers who are allowed entry are forced to walk through several checkpoints with their identification cards in hand. Some Palestinians were waiting at the Israeli checkpoint for hours under the scorching August sun while fasting in order to make to Jerusalm - al Quds and al - Aqsa mosque before the start of noon prayers. The Palestinians living in the West Bank knew what to expect, while Palestinians who are living and working abroad were a bit surprised by the occupations practices. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank and the occupied lands have headed to Jerusalem al - Quds to perform prayers in al Aqsa Mosque. Hundreds of Palestinians who were refused entry by Israeli forces to Jerusalem al Quds through the Qalandia checkpoint have found alternative ways of reaching the holy city, either over the apartheid wall or through various dirt trails not patrolled by occupation forces.