Palestinian refugees in Syria have marched to the Omayyad mosque in Old Damascus to mark the International Quds day. They were carrying the Palestinian and Syrian flags.
The heads and representatives of Syria - based Palestinian factions and groups participated in the event. They stressed the importance of what this day symbolizes for Palestinians. They reiterated the Palestinians’ right of return, affirming that only resistance can bring them their legitimate rights back. In a final statement, the participants called on the Arab and Islamic nation to play a genuine role in support of Jerusalem al - Quds and the Palestinian cause. In Sayyeda Zeinab area in Damascus suburbs, a large number of Palestinians organized a walk on this event, shouting slogans that stress their right of return to their homeland. In Syria, Palestinian refugees’ commemoration of International Quds day is different. They are forced to mark this event outside their refugee camps, a fact that makes Palestinians in Syria suffer more than those in other countries. Palestinian refugee camps in Syria such as al - Yarmuk camp were once full of life before foreign backed insurgents displaced them in late 2012 by taking control of their neighborhoods. Tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees became displaced as a result. Many headed to shelters provided by the Syrian government and the UN, others left the country.