Palestinian backup groups have helped the Syrian army make great advancements against foreign - backed militants in Yarmouk refugee camp near capital Damascus.

According a report on Wednesday a number of terrorist al - Nusra Front members were arrested during fighting in the camp.

Many Palestinian refugees have joined the Syrian Army in its fight against the foreign - sponsored militants at Yarmouk.

Fighting against militants in the camp is a very complicated as it is the closest point militants have to Damascus, and so they don’t give up it easily.

Yarmouk camp is home to the largest Palestinian refugee community in Syria.

The camp turned into a flashpoint area in Damascus when unrest broke out in the Arab country in 2011.

In June, United Nations Relief and Works Agency’s commissioner general described Palestinian refugee camps in Syria as " theaters of war. "

" Killings, kidnappings, poverty, destruction and fear have become part of daily life, " Filippo Grandi said.

More than half of the 530,000 Palestinian refugees registered in Syria have been displaced and 15 percent have fled abroad, including 60,000 to neighboring Lebanon and over 7,000 to Jordan.