Police in the US state of Ohio have raised concerns over a possible serial killer committing a grisly series of murders after they found the bodies of three women wrapped in plastic bags in East Cleveland. Police officers in East Cleveland, Ohio, found the body of a woman in a vacant house on Friday after they responded to a report of a foul order coming from the house. A 35-year-old man who is a registered sex offender was arrested on Friday but has not yet been charged or named. Police found two more bodies on Saturday leading them to fear the murders might be the work of a serial killer emulating a series of murders a couple of years ago. Authorities have said that all the victims have been murdered within the last two weeks. The bodies have all been in the fetal position and wrapped in several layers of plastic bags. In 2011, serial killer Anthony Sowell was sentenced to death for murdering 11 women whose bodies he wrapped in plastic bags and kept in his home. East Cleveland Police Chief Ralph Spotts has said there might be more victims to be discovered in the coming days. Police are searching through vacant houses in East Cleveland. Also in May, a Cleveland man, Ariel Castro, was charged with kidnapping and raping three women whom he held captive for almost a decade.