Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s downfall and several Muslim Brotherhood figures have gone on trial for prison break during the 2011 uprising.

Hours after Egyptian prosecutors received criminal complaints against Morsi and prominent Muslim Brotherhood figures; Morsi was rushed to the court, as the new premier is working to form his cabinet.

The inquiry launched on Sunday relates allegedly to the escape by Morsi and dozens of Brotherhood members from Wadi Natrun prison during the uprising.

A court has claimed that Morsi broke out of the prison aided by Hamas and Hezbullah Movement, but no evidence has been provided to prove the allegation.

Media has debated for months over the allegation of Hamas’s hand in releasing Morsi but the movement refused the claims. The deposed president said locals helped him escape.

State Security prosecution service investigators interviewed Morsi at an undisclosed location, the judicial sources said.

Morsi, Egypt ' s first freely elected president has not been seen in public since he was forced to stand down on July 3 after millions took to the streets calling on him to resign.

Interim leaders say he is being held in a " safe place, for his own safety ".

The complaints filed against Morsi include spying, incitement to violence and damaging the economy.

The Brotherhood has ruled out to join an interim government and tens of thousands of supporters have taken to the streets demanding Morsi ' s reinstatement.