Bahraini attorney Manar Makki said Al Khalifa forces tortured and stripped Rayhana Al - Mousawiو the only woman in the case of the so - called “February 14 Coalition”.
Al - Mousawi revealed that Al Khalifa forces unclothed her in the trial session where journalists and inspectors were barred from attending, Makki said on his personal twitter account, Al Wefaq website reported.
In a different part of his message, Makki added: “Naji Fatil the Bahraini Human Rights Activist who works openly and totally apolitically, took his shirt out to show the judge sings of torture on his body.
Muhammad Al Sankis, another Bahraini activist who attended the trial session with a broken arm revealed he was tortured by Al Khalifa forces while he was detained. Nevertheless, the court charged him with resisting the security forces, accusing them and insulting government employees.
Bahrain Human Rights Society released photos of Naji Fatil, showing traces of torture on his body.
According to the report published by the society, Al Khalifa forces tortured Fatil by applying electric shocks to in his genitals, hanging him by his hands as well as using religious and sectarian swear words.
The aforementioned tortures are just a small number of the so many cases of human right violation in Bahrain as well as the alarming conditions of Al Khalifa prisons. Bahraini regime has barred International organizations from entering the country and reporting the situation of human rights in Bahrain.
In his sermon at the Friday prayer yesterday, Ayatullah Sheikh Isa Qassem head of the Bahraini Islamic Scholars Council commented on the news of unclothing the Bahraini lady and torturing her and indicated that: “This has been done under the supervision of officials. ”
He further added: “Those who commit such crimes are neither followers of any religion, nor human beings nor respectable. ”
Sheikh Isa Qassem stressed that “Who can bear hearing such news in the blessed month of Ramadan? Who can imagine such crimes have been committed by authorities in an Islamic country, authorities who claim to be Muslims and talk in the name of Islam!”