The security forces ' immoral and non - Islamic action of denuding al - Mousavi while she was in their custody has enraged the Bahrainis and resulted in nationwide protests in solidarity with al - Mousavi and against the Al - Khalifa regime.
“Raping and assaulting Reyhana al - Mousavi is another shameful stain added to the crimes of the Bahrain government, which include destruction of mosques, killing and arresting Bahraini citizens and torturing them in Bahrain’s prisons, ” member of al - Wefaq(Solidarity) National Islamic Society Ahmad al - Alavi said, condemning the Bahraini forces ' move.
A senior member of Bahrain’s Ulemma Assembly Sheikh Fazel al - Z’aki also condemned the immoral behavior of the security forces, and said, “Acquittal of criminals and blatant support of the Bahraini authorities and officials for the immunity of these people to the rule of law bases the foundation of organized torture and harassment of the Bahraini citizens who have been imprisoned in government’s jails.
In a statement, Al - Wefaq National Islamic Society said, “The actions of the regime reflect its detachment from Islamic, national and humanitarian values and principles. ”
The statement added that the behavior of regime shows there has been no revision in the practice of assault on activists.
Al - Wefaq stressed, “By that behavior, the regime has drawn a new map for its own practices, and what detainee Rayhana Al - Mousavi and others had revealed was a complete degradation and a deprivation from humanitarian and national values… and all Bahraini regime officials will hold responsibility for its outcomes…”
“All these facts refer to one truth, which is the absence of law in Bahrain. It is rather a parallelization and sectarian administration which devalues souls, honor, blood, and money to stay in power. ”
Since mid - February 2011, thousands of pro - democracy protesters have staged numerous demonstrations in the streets of Bahrain, calling for the Al Khalifa royal family to relinquish power.
The Bahraini regime promptly launched a brutal crackdown on the peaceful protests and called in Saudi - led Arab forces from neighboring states.