Twin bomb blasts have left 12 Iraqi Shia Muslims dead and 27 injured in the capital, Baghdad.

The incident took place late Thursday when a car bomb ripped through a funeral tent in the area of Muqdadiyah.

The casualties came after the car bomb was detonated, and then a suicide bomber blew himself up when emergency personnel arrived at the scene to evacuate the wounded from the first blast.

Meanwhile, unidentified gunmen shot dead at least 20 members of the Iraqi security forces, among them members who were in charge of protecting the country ' s vital oil infrastructure, northwest of the capital.

The attacks were part of a wave of violence in Iraq that killed many people in the country.

Earlier Thursday, two police officers were killed in Iraq after gunmen opened fire on a security checkpoint some 60 kilometers northeast of Baghdad, Iraqi officials said.

In the northern area of Tuz Khurmato, which has a majority ethnic Turkmen population, at least 26 people were wounded when a car bomb exploded.

In the north, two car bombings injured 14 in Kirkuk in the same day.