British sources revealed that the Jordanian, Saudi and US spy agencies were behind the terrorist car bomb explosion in Beirut’s Southern district of Bir al-Abed on Tuesday. An informed British source told the Syrian news website al-Haqiqah that intelligence officers of Jordan, the US and Saudi Arabia had a meeting in Amman before the Beirut blast and discussed targeting different Hezbollah movement concentration points in Lebanon. The source said that fugitive Brigadier General Salim Idris, who is now the Chief of Staff of the Supreme Military Council of the so-called Free Syrian Army which fights the Syrian government also attended the meeting. A car bomb explosion ripped through the Beirut’s Southern suburb neighborhood of Bir al-Abed, a Shiite area, wounded dozens of people. Earlier, former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri blamed Israel for the terrorist explosion that rocked Beirut’s Southern suburbs and accused the regime of trying to provoke Sunni-Shiite strife in Lebanon. “The blast requires the highest level of awareness and vigilance in the face of dangers that surround the country and the entire region, especially while facing attempts by the Israeli enemy to push Lebanon to strife by organizing terrorist attacks, as happened today,” Hariri said in a statement on Tuesday. “After the terrible criminal scene that Beirut’s Southern suburbs witnessed, the Lebanese can only express indignation and condemnation of the crime that targeted one of the most populated neighborhoods,” the statement said.