Sheikh Issa Qasim, Bahrain top Shia cleric, in his Friday prayer sermon called the topple of Mohammad Morsi, a great lesson saying that if a government does not prevail justice then it is doomed to fall down. He said,” Egyptian nation rose against a president elect to show that their revolution is not complete yet and that if a government disrespect its nation and is not just then it is doomed to topple.” Prayer leader of Diraz, in Bahrain, said Egyptian and other Arab nations will not be taken in by mottos of democracy and election and noted, “No government, even if empowered under the title of Islam, can stay in power for ever.” He also referred to the torture and pains of Bahraini people during the past two years of uprising saying that protests will maintain their peaceful nature. “Bahrain government has been accusing the popular movements of having sectarian nature or receiving foreign supports.” The cleric and added,” This revolution is managed more tactfully than being trapped in such accusations.” Shia leader noted Arab revolutions are all inspired by oppression of the governments. He expressed surprise that Al Khalifa congratulated victory of some Arab revolutions while he deprives his own nation from their very basic rights. Sheikh Issa Qasim called lifting the citizenship of some revolutionary forces as a heinous crime and said,” This move is an illegal and absurd measure and a manifest of religious bigotry.” Prayer leader of Diraz demanded Bahraini authorities to end the crimes, torture of the detainees, freedom of all prisoners, particularly women and also destruction of mosques.