Lebanese army soldiers have seized a complex belonging to Salafist Sheikh Ahmad al - Assir in the southern coastal city of Sidon.

Clashes continue in Sidon with number of casualties and wounded raising higher in the second day of fighting which started after extremist fighters loyal to the radical preacher attacked army patrols a day earlier on Sunday.

Army eavesdropping devices indicated that Assir was still in the vicinity of the complex, informed sources were quoted by The Daily Star, adding that the fiery sheikh was heard as urging his gunmen not to surrender to the military and “fight to the death”.

The sources said despite having taken control of the complex, soldiers were still trading gunfire with snipers located on the rooftops of nearby buildings.

They said the military has also captured 30 members of Assir’s group.

Lebanon’s military prosecutor issued arrest warrants against Assir and 123 of his followers, a judicial source told The Daily Star. The warrants included the names of Assir ' s brother and singer Fadl Shaker who gave up his singing career to follow the radical sheikh, they added.

He was reportedly wounded in the clashes.