The Lebanese Army took complete control over Ahmad Al-Assir’s complex in Abra after clashing with snipers located on the roofs of some buildings and a number of Assir’s partisans who escaped the complex after the Army controlled it. Similarly, clashes reportedly took place between the Army and militants on the Marine Corniche of Sidon, leaving a number of casualties in the ranks of the militants, while the rest escaped. However, clashes in Abra are ongoing as the number of martyrs from the Lebanese Army exceeded 15 officers, in addition to dozens of injuries. In parallel, sources said that dozens from Assir’s partisans were killed and injured, and most of them were foreigners, mainly of Syrian and Palestinian nationalities. Military official for Assir’s militia Abdul Rahman Shmandar was also killed, while Bilal Bader, one of the leaders of the five groups associated with terrorist Al-Nusra front, was injured during the clashes. In this context, Anatolia news agency reported that 60 members of Jund Al-Sham militant group were involved in the clashes.