The Afghan government has asked the US to give answers on how Taliban terrorists were allowed to open an office in Qatar that resembled an embassy.

" We still need a full explanation about what happened and why the office was established in clear contradiction to the written assurances given to the Afghan government by the US, " Foreign ministry spokesman Janan Mosazai told reporters on Sunday.

The opening of the Qatar office last Tuesday worried Afghan government as it seemed to pose as a government - in - exile.

In the new office Taliban used the formal name of " Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan " from their 1996-2001 government, and the white Taliban flag which is seen by Afghans as a grim reminder of the cruelties of Taliban rule.

When in power, the Taliban imposed a harsh version of law that banned television, music and cinema, stopped girls from going to school and forced woman to wear the all - covering burqa.

Mosazai added that the office could only be used for direct peace negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban, and could not be used for fund - raising or other purposes. A Taliban spokesman said they were determined to keep the office ' s sign and flag - - provocative symbols which Kabul has described as unacceptable. President Hamid Karzai, furious over the Taliban office, broke off ongoing Afghan - US talks on an agreement that would allow Washington to maintain soldiers in Afghanistan after the NATO combat mission ends.