Israeli regime ' s fraud squad has questioned Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger on suspicion of bribery, theft, breach of trust and money laundering, a police say.
Metzger ' s questioning at the national fraud unit headquarters in Lod, south of Tel Aviv, comes after months of covert investigations involving three other suspects, according to police.

On Thursday, police " searched the homes and offices of the suspects, including those of Rabbi Metzger, " the statement said. " Documents, computers and other materials were seized. "

Officers questioned Metzger on suspicion of " receiving bribes, theft, breach of trust and money laundering, " the statement read.

It added that the three other suspects would appear before a magistrates ' court near Tel Aviv later Thursday.

Israel has two chief rabbis, the Ashkenazi and Sephardi, whose responsibilities include the country ' s rabbinic courts and regulating the food supervision industry.

Metzger was voted into the prestigious position in 2003 thanks to the support of the senior ultra - Orthodox rabbinic authority at the time.

In 2005 he was questioned on suspicion of receiving benefits from a hotel in al - Quds(Jerusalem) in return for favors, and police recommended that he be tried for fraud and breach of trust.

But then - attorney general Menachem Mazuz, fearing an unsuccessful prosecution, in 2006 decided against serving an indictment.

Instead he wrote a scathing report about the rabbi, accusing Metzger of lying to police and recommending that he resign immediately.

Metzger ' s term is due to end shortly, with elections for new chief rabbis due no later than July 24.