An American toddler has been given the chance to hear for the first time in his short life after an implant was placed in his brainstem.
The three - year - old boy, Grayson Clamp, was born completely deaf without cochlear nerves, which carry sounds from the inner ear to the brain. His parents tried everything they could to help restore his hearing, but nothing seemed to work until one method led to a miracle. The baby underwent groundbreaking surgery in which an auditory implant that had never been used before on children in the US, was placed in his brainstem in April. And now, the toddler has started to recognize certain sounds, and his parents hope he will learn to speak.
“He looked deep into my eyes and he was hearing my voice for the first time. It was phenomenal … to see him take that sound in and try to figure out ' What in the world is this, I ' ve never had this sensation before ', ” his father Len Clamp said after the surgery.
For her part, Grayson’s mother, Nicole Clamp, said, “We don't know exactly what it's like for him…. His brain is still trying [to] organize itself to use sound.” Doctors are also confident that he will gain full hearing in the future.