The United States is witnessing its final days as a colonial empire, with the so - called ‘War on Terror’ failing to rally support and harvest change, a US activist says.
“Everywhere in the world, in the Middle East, throughout Arab and Muslim countries and now against China,[the United States is] trying to make military threats to reverse their declining position - but it will not succeed, really, the days of empire are long gone, ” Sara Flounders, the co - director of the International Action Center from New York City said in an interview. The American activist said American policy has failed to subjugate foreign countries whose people “are demanding the right to control their own destiny, their own future and to do this free of occupation. ”
“The people in Syria are also showing they can reorganize themselves and resist these proxy armies; these contractors, these outside forces that come in and that is true throughout the entire region, ” Flounders added.
The so - called ‘War on Terror’ has brought destruction to the people of the region, benefitting only the military industrial complex and corporations which profit in the destruction of civilizations.
“We should not forget that major US military and oil corporations profited enormously from this. This war was an enormous source of corruption for many, many people, of super profits and that is, really, the basis of US wars. It is extending the corporate domination of the US over an entire region and that is what is failing. In some of these wars, these corporations fear win or lose; they made a great deal of money and that is the real crime, ” said the prominent activist.
Flounders added that US and foreign forces are “the greatest source of instability in the entire region.” The United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003 as part of Washington’s so-called ‘War on terror’. The offensive removed the Taliban from power, but after almost 12 years, insecurity remains across the country. “Every day of this war has been an absolute disaster for the people of Afghanistan, the people of the whole region and the people here in the US, at enormous cost - billions of dollars, thousands and thousands of lives. It is part of a US attempt of domination of the whole region and it has completely failed,” Flounders stated.