[pro-player width='600' height='300' type='video' image='http://www.moslempress.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/n00034016-b.jpg']http://abna.ir/abnafilm/91-08-16/v-41.flv[/pro-player]   On June 20,1994, an explosion from a bomb occurred in a prayer hall of the shrine of the Imam Reza(A. S.). The bomb that killed at least 27 people on June 20 in Mashhad exploded at Ashura.
Adventurous history of the glorious Islamic Revolution is abundant in treasons and crimes committed by hypocrites(People’s Mujahedin). They carried out whatever crime possible to incapacitate the revolution. They did assassinate popular and prominent figures of the system; they blew up bombs in public places inclusive of the place for Friday Prayer; they even targeted women and children; they destroyed public cultural and economic centers and their associated facilities.
Anyway, they undertook whatever possible to impede the progress of the revolution. Most heinously, they made friends with a vindictive enemy which had occupied an extensive part of the country and had committed daunting crimes against Iranian nation and so, turned into hireling forces for Baathist Regime and stood besides Saddam and against their own nation until the termination of War.
Their wrongdoings never became limited to war era, but they turned into operatives of plots planned by the intelligence services of the US, Britain, Israel, etc. and never refused any crime. They went as far as to explode a bomb in a holy place and a holy time, namely Imam Reza Holy Shrine and in the afternoon of Ashura, and slaughtered a number of pilgrims and mourners who had no crime but worship and servitude of God.
It was 14:26 on June 19,1994, and Imam Reza Holy Shrine was abundant in devoted people mourning for the Master of Martyrs Imam Hussein(AS) and worshiping to God that the sound of an explosion, estimated by the experts to be equivalent to 10 pounds of T. N. T, resonated in the shrine. It was a poignant scene heavy with chopped bodies. The explosion left nearly 300 injured and 27 martyred from all classes and ages of the society.
In a word, Ashura was reconstructed after more than 13 centuries in its anniversary in Mashhad. That Ashura of Mashhad became an epochal day like its origin. Ironically, the explosion discredited the hypocrites, who had exhibited their non - adherence to any moral, human, and religious principle, more than ever.
The following day, mourning and infuriated people rushed towards the Holy Shrine to express their devotion to Imam Reza and their wrath and hatred towards the enemies of Islam and Iran.
Ramzi Yousef, one of the main perpetrators of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, was found to be behind the plot. However, official state media blamed Mehdi Nahvi, a supposed member of the People ' s Mujahedin of Iran(MKO) in order to prevent sectarian violence.