" There is a contradiction between what the US government says and what it does regarding Afghanistan peace talks, " Aimal Faizi, President Hamid Karzai ' s spokesman said on Wednesday.

" The president suspended the BSA(Bilateral Security Agreement) talks with the US this morning. "

The row centered on the Taliban office, which opened in Qatar on Tuesday, using the title " Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan ", the formal name of the Taliban government from 1996 until they were toppled in 2001.

" The president is not happy with the name of the office. We oppose the title the ' Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan ' because such a thing doesn ' t exist, " Faizi said. " The US was aware of the president ' s stance. "

President Barack Obama had welcomed planned Taliban - US talks in Qatar as an " important first step ". But he warned of a bumpy road ahead as NATO troops enter the final stage of a 12 - year foreign intervention.