Syrian army has foiled armed terrorist groups infiltration attempt from Lebanon to northwestern city of Talkalakh in Homs Province as the government troops continue operations to secure the areas along the borders.

Citing local security sources, a news agency reported that the Syrian armed forces inflicted heavy losses on terrorist groups on Tuesday when they were trying to cross the border in al - Tahouna area.

The reports added that units of the armed forces targeted foreing - backed militants’ hideouts in the areas of Tal Dao, Tal Dahab and Kafr Laha in town of Houla in Homs Province.

The army also inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists in the areas of al - Rastan al - Tahtani and al - Rastan - Hurbinafsuh in Hama Province.

On Monday, Syrian President Bashar al - Assad said European countries will “pay the price” if they send weapons to foreign - backed militants in the Arab country.

President Assad also rejected US, British and French claims that Syrian forces had used chemical weapons against the Takfiri militants fighting in the country.

“If Paris, London and Washington had even one piece of evidence for their claims, they would have presented it publicly, ” he said.

The Syria crisis began in March 2011, and thousands of people, including large numbers of government forces, have been killed so far.