Police in Brazil have once again clashed with demonstrators protesting against poor public services, government corruption, and police violence on the sixth consecutive night of demonstrations.
Nearly 200,000 people marched in several cities, including Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday. In Rio de Janeiro, the protests turned violent when people hurled Molotov cocktails at police and torched cars. In Sao Paulo, similarly, a news van was burnt and a police booth vandalized. Protesters in Sao Paulo vowed to stay in the streets until a recent 10-cent fare increase was reversed. Brazilians also say they are angry at health and education services and the vast amount of public money being spent on preparations for hosting next year’s World Cup. They argue that the government should instead spend public funds on health, education and other public services. On Monday, an estimated 240,000 people demonstrated across the nation, turning the protest into the largest in 20 years. Authorities reported that, in Rio de Janeiro, 20 officers and 10 demonstrators were injured in the Monday clashes. The protests were triggered after authorities announced plans earlier this month to raise public transport prices. The demonstrations spread after police used rubber bullets, stink bombs, and pepper spray to disperse them.