The United States has welcomed terrorist Taliban ' s decision to open an office in Qatar with US officials hoping to meet with them within days.

" I think the United States will have its first meeting with the Taliban for several years in a couple of days in Doha, " a senior US official told reporters, dubbing the move the " beginning of a very difficult road. "

The terrorist group opened an office in Qatar on Tuesday.

The Taliban is an infamous organization, having ruled Afghanistan under their strict policies for five years, between 1996 and 2001.

The Taliban is also notorious for harboring the international terrorist Usama bin Laden during its rule of Afghanistan and for their brutal treatment of women and young girls.

They punished women cruelly if they didn’t obey by their rules. They cut off women’s finger tips if they wore nail polish and lashed and tortured those who sought education above the age of eight.

Today, the Taliban has been ousted from power but has re - surfaced as a non - state terrorist entity within Afghanistan.

Since 2001, the Taliban has murdered NGO workers, Afghan civilians, government officials, and policemen, among others.

According to reports, the Qatari government attempts to bring Taliban closer due to the latest activities of the terrorist groups in Syria.

The Syrian government has been providing evidences of Qatar government’s supports of the terrorist and militant groups in Syria, from training them to equipping them with arms.

However smaller armed groups in Syria have been voicing commitment to al - Qaeda and so Qatar’s ambitions to make closer ties with Taliban are seen as a compensation for losing its influence on these militant groups.

US stances towards Taliban have always been under question among Middle Eastern countries.