Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that those in the west who want to arm Syria insurgents may find the weapons ended up anywhere, even in Europe.

" We are calling on all our partners to once again think thoroughly before taking this very dangerous step, ” he told reporters after a G8 summit in Northern Ireland. " Europe wants to send arms to these people? And what happens then to these arms? Who will control in whose hands and where they will end up? Maybe in Europe? "

He also rejected US and European claims that Syria ' s government had used chemical weapons. " We do not have facts pointing to the use of such weapons by the Syrian government, " Putin said. " I assure you that, by far, not all G8 members believe that(chemical arms) were used by the Syrian army. Some agree with our opinion that there is no such data. "

About Russia’s military contracts with Syrian government and shipment of arms to Damascus Putin said, " If we conclude such contracts, then we will deliver on such contracts, " " We are supplying arms to the legitimate government in accordance with legal contracts, ” he added.

US, Israel and several Western countries have been pressing Russia not to go through with a promised delivery of S - 300 missiles to the Syrian government.