An Israeli regime’s coordinator has met Qatari officials in London to discuss arms deliveries to Syrian foreign - backed militants, a news agency reported.
A report cited unnamed Qatari government security sources as saying that the regime’s Coordinator on Syrian Affairs Afif Shavit and Qatari officials agreed during their meeting in London late in May to cooperate to arm the Syrian militants. " The 4 - hour meeting was held in a house in Braum House in London belonging to Khalid a - Abeed, a Qatari citizen residing in Britain, on May 20, " the news agency quoted the source, who reportedly requested anonymity for fear of his life, as saying. " During the meeting, It was decided that Israel prepare and supply the weapons needed by the terrorists in Syria and enter negotiations with European arms manufacturing companies on arms purchases and money transfer methods, and the Qatari side cover the funds and needed budget for purchases, " the source added. The European Union failed to extend an arms embargo on Syria back in May, effectively giving the green light to individual governments, including London and Tel Aviv, to send arms to Syrian militants. The EU also gave the go - ahead to the European banks to help the Syrian militants by opening branches and accounts there. This comes as,the Financial Times revealed back in May that Qatar has funneled billions of dollars to Syrian terrorists over the past two years in an attempt to overthrow the Syrian government. "Qatar has spent about three billion dollars in the past two years to support the opposition in Syria, which far exceeds what provided by any other government. However, Saudi Arabia competes now in leading the bodies providing Syrian opposition with weapons," the paper said. Britain has also been at the heart of efforts to send arms to Syrian militants and was the key force, alongside France, to persuade the EU not to extend its arms embargo on Syrian terrorists. British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Sunday that it is vital to send arms to foreign-backed militants in Syria.