Iranian ensemble for contemporary Persian folk music Rastak has been warmly welcomed during its tour concert held in some European countries.
The concert was performed in different cities of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Paris in France, Stockholm in Sweden, London in England, Koln, Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfort in Germany. The group’s programs were performed in a number of Iranian ethnic languages, dialects during music concerts held from May 18 to June 8,2013. The translation of some Iranian poems and songs into the host countries’ languages during a particular section was presented at the program that gained acclaim by the foreign audience. Established in 1997, Rastak is an experimental music group that aims to introduce the ancient and contemporary culture of Iran through embracing diverse regions with unique indigenous customs, dialects and music. Led by Siamak Sepehri, the ensemble tries to merge traditional instruments and forms with contemporary rhythms. The ensemble is slated to hold concerts in different Iranian cities after the holy month of Ramadan.Sornaye Nowrouz,All my Ethnic Groups,Ancient Colors are Rastak’s better known records.