According to Al - Misri Al - Yawm daily, the anti - Shia center has been established in the country’s Minya province.
It aims to “fight the spread of Shia Islam in Egypt”, the founders say, whereas Shiaphobic moves like this will only fan the flames of discord and Fitna(sedition) in Egypt and provoke tension among the country’s Shi’ites and Sunnis.
The center’s founders plan to send anti - Shia convoys to the country’s cities and villages and distort the image of Shia Islam.
Egypt has some 1 million Shia Muslims who have always reiterated brotherly relations with their Sunni fellow countrymen.
While all the lies, accusations and libels against Shi’ism have been logically refuted by Shia scholars in speeches, books and articles, Salafi groups ignore these and continue to spread their baseless ideas against the followers of Ahl - ul - Bayt(AS) with the aim of fomenting discord and fanning sectarianism.