An Israeli public opinion survey showed that 85 percent of the Israelis are against the idea of releasing Palestinian prisoners in exchange of resuming the peace talks between the Palestinian authority and Israel.
The opinion poll, which was carried out by Smith research center, found that most of the Israelis are opposing any preconditions made by the Palestinian authority for the resumption of the peace talks.
The PA preconditions include a demand that Israel release certain prisoners from its jails if it is serious about conducting peace talks.
Upon being asked if they would support this precondition, 57 percent of Israelis strongly opposed the idea, 28 percent were firmly against it and 13 percent said they would support it. Only two percent said they strongly favored such a move.
The poll, which was conducted last week on a sample of 407 randomly selected individuals, also revealed that 68 percent of Israelis expressed their belief that Israel ' s withdrawal from the West Bank would harm its security and only 21 believed it would boost its stability.