Syrian army has made considerable advances near the capital, Damascus by tightening its grip on militant - held central areas in Rif Dimashq and inflicting heavy losses on terrorist groups.

According to a reporter, along with the anti - terrorists major mop - up operation already underway in Aleppo, Syrian soldiers are also driving out militants from the vast countryside of Damascus.

Defeating terrorist groups in the areas is a key objective for the army as they are at the doorsteps of the capital as well as Damascus international Airport.

Considering presence of numerous foreign - backed terrorist groups, there are usually clashes between government soldiers and militants who aim to attack both Damascus and its nearby airport.

In the areas of Jobar and Beit Sahm near the capital, the army clashed with groups of armed men and successfully eliminated their threat by killing and injuring a number of terrorists. However the area is still volatile since armed groups infiltrate the neighborhoods near the airport.

An army commander told our reporter that in the Thursday operation, army identified several militant hideouts in different parts of Rif Dimashq and foiled attempts by other terrorist groups to enter Damascus.

Army was also operating in Dariya where Syrian soldiers could form a defending wall against terrorist groups trying to attack the holy shrine of Hazrat Sakina.

Clashes were also reported in Adraa with terrorists affiliated to al - Nusra Front. Dozens of gunmen were killed in the heavy exchange of fire.

A militant - held hideout filled weapons and ammunition was completely destroyed in the army operation.

Syrian army has made considerable gains against foreign - backed terrorists during the past months, which has made many of them either flee or surrender.

However with the support of the United States and its western and regional allies for arming the militants, concerns are still high for Syrian people who have suffered a massive bloodshed for more than two year.

The United States is going to decide this week whether to provide lethal aid to the militants fighting against the government.

Militant leaders have warned Washington that they could suffer heavy losses without lethal support.

They also announced that they will not take parts in dialogues to end the bloodshed unless they receive more arms from their foreign supporters.