Damascus airport is operating normally despite mortar attacks carried out by foreign - backed militants on the facility.

Two mortar shells hit Damascus International Airport near the Syrian capital on Thursday, causing material damage. There have been no reports of causalities.

The airport ' s ground operations director Tareq Wahiba told a local news agency that takeoffs and landings are running normally and that all planned flights were launched according to the schedule.

The airport was attacked as the Syrian army is gaining upper hand in fighting against terrorist groups across the country to secure the militant - held areas.

Clashes are reported to be underway near the capital as well as the provinces of Homs, Idlib, Hama and Aleppo.

With recent Syrian army advancement in fighting terrorists in the country, supporters of the bloody insurgency are mulling ways to justify sending arms to the armed groups in the face of international regulations.

A new UN report showed at least 93,000 people including more than 6,500 children have been killed in the insurgency while the true death toll is expected to be far higher.