Anti - war protestors in Britain are supposed to gather in front of US embassy in London on Saturday 15 June 2013 to call for an end to the foreign interventions in Syria war.

The aim of protest organized by British anti - war campaign group, Stop the War Coalition, is to immediately cut those interventions set to effect regime change in Syria, which is illegal under international law.

The anti - war coalition said the solution in Syria cannot anymore lie in further militarizing the conflict, or in intervention by Western powers.

“It is for the people of the Middle East to decide their own future. The Western powers have a record and history of intervention which has been a key source of the region ' s problems, ” it added.

Referring to a new poll done in Britain, the coalition also noted that “public opinion would not be behind any military intervention, no matter how hands - off. In a sign of the public ' s changing attitude towards Britain ' s role in the world, 78% of those polled said that they believe the UK is too overstretched as a result of Iraq and Afghanistan to intervene in a new conflict. ”

Nearly three quarters(72%) believe that the UK can no longer afford to act as a major military power.

More than two thirds(69%) of those participated in the poll, believe that the UK should restrict the military to protect UK territory and provide humanitarian aid in times of crisis.

The Stop the War Coalition said an intervention in Syria in the form of arming Syrian foreign - backed militants is backed by only 24 percent of Britons.

The group has also sent a letter to the British Prime Minister’s office calling on his government to recognize the fact that “the future of Syria is for the Syrian people alone to decide, and that your actions can only worsen the situation”.