Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk says he does not plan on replacing European Commission(EC) president Jose Manuel Barroso despite speculation.
" I decided that I want to remain Polish prime minister and that until 2015 I will engage only in domestic issues, " Tusk said on national television on Monday, adding that he planned on leading his Civic Platform party to victory in 2015 parliamentary elections. The announcement comes as many EU officials had seen the Polish premier as a leading candidate to replace the EC president because of pro - European credentials. Barroso’s term will come to an end in 2014.
" I ' m aware that some opportunity has appeared, but when I weigh what ' s important for me as a man, I will not experience any greater honor, satisfaction, than that of the role of prime minister. To be a Polish premier is 100 times more important for me than any European promotion, " the Polish prime minister added.
However, analysts say Tusk may seek a position in the EC after the next elections. During a radio interview last week, Tusk said he would be a “good candidate” for EC president, but said that he would announce plans to seek the position later in the summer. In Poland, speculations regarding Tusk’s departure to Brussels had led several leading political figures to eye his position. Under financial pressure, the prime minister’s popularity has slumped over the past year. Opinion polls suggest that his party has been overtaken by the conservative opposition Law and Justice Party. Europe plunged into financial crisis in early 2008 and most European governments have taken tough austerity measures to contain their debt crises.