A report says that Mexican government has held talks with an Israeli military official on ways to crack down on the Zapatistas in the southern state of Chiapas.
The report, which was published by theGlobalResearchon May 24, said that Jorge Llaven Abarca, Mexico ' s secretary of public security in Chiapas, announced in early May that he and the unnamed Israeli ministry official discussed military coordination with Israelis in the state. Chiapas is home to Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional, a movement comprised of indigenous Mayan fighters and their supporters. Abarca said he and the Israeli official talked about security coordination at the level of police, prisons and effective use of technology.
“This may be the first time the Mexican government has gone public about military coordination with Israelis in Chiapas. Yet the agreement is only the latest in Israel’s longer history of military exports to the region, an industry spawned from experiences in the conquest and pacification of Palestine, ” analysts Jimmy Johnson and Linda Quiquivix, who wrote the report, noted.
According to the report, Israeli personnel were discreetly sent into Chiapas in response to the 1994 Zapatista uprising for the purpose of “providing training to Mexican military and police forces.” On January 1, 1994, armed Zapatista insurgents began an uprising in Chiapas, seizing Ocosingo, Las Margaritas, Huixtan, Oxchuc, Rancho Nuevo, Altamirano, Chanal, and other towns and cities. The uprising occurred on the day the North American Free Trade Agreement went into effect. The Mexican army then launched an offensive in which the Zapatistas took heavy casualties and were forced to retreat into the jungle. On January 12, 1994, the two sides agreed to a cease-fire. The Zapatistas take their name from Emiliano Zapata, the agrarian reformer and commander of the Liberation Army of the South during the Mexican Revolution and see themselves as his ideological heir.