The London police say the number of Islamophobic incidents in the city has jumped eight - fold after the killing of a soldier in the Woolwich area of the British capital last month.
Metropolitan Police commander Simon Letchford said eight cases of abuse against Muslims are now happening everyday compared to a single daily incident on the average, previously. This comes as he warned abuse cases may be several-fold more as many victims of Islamophobic acts simply do not report to the police. The Met announced on Monday that they are holding round-the-clock patrols by uniformed police office at “vulnerable sites” after an arson attack that wrecked part of an Islamic school in Chislehurst. The incident, which could potentially endanger the lives of 128 students and staff at the school, came in the wake of another arson attack that razed another Islamic center, the Somali Bravanese Welfare Association in north London, last week. Several British mosques have also been attacked since Lee Rigby’s murder in Woolwich. "We have put additional police resources outside a number of premises which we think are vulnerable," Letchford told the BBC Radio 4. “Predominantly it's name calling, it's minor criminal damage but on some occasions, like the two arsons we have heard of, there are serious crimes." he added. Far-right groups, including the English Defense League (EDL), are suspected of being behind the attacks, especially after the police found graffiti reading "EDL" at the Somali Bravanese Welfare Association building last week.